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Free State - Conflict over new territories, The end of slave states

south africa capital province

pop (2000e) 2 534 000; area 129 437 km²/49 963 sq mi. One of the nine new provinces established by the South African constitution of 1994, in EC South Africa; capital, Bloemfontein (also, the judicial capital of South Africa); chief languages, Sesotho (56%), Afrikaans, Xhosa; many settlements date from the Great Trek of 1836; claimed by British as the Orange River Sovereignty, 1848; independence, 1854; joined Union of South Africa as Orange Free State, 1910; third largest province in the country; a largely rural province; grain (‘the breadbasket of South Africa’), livestock; rich gold deposits; oil, agricultural equipment, fertilizers, wool, clothing, cement, pharmaceuticals, pottery.

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