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Franks - The earliest records of the Franks, Language, The Frankish Empire, Carolingian legacy

Germanic peoples, originally from the lower Rhine region. Clovis led the Salian and Ripuarian Franks and founded a kingdom embracing much of Gaul; Charlemagne, their greatest ruler, attempted to revive the Roman Empire in the West. They gave their name to Francia, which by the 13th-c stood for what is now France, but earlier had diverse territorial connotations, reflecting the vicissitudes of Frankish royal power.

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over 9 years ago

You failed to mention that the Free Franks gave the French language many terms regarding military warfare.

The French language is in terms of vocabulary 20% Frankish.

Words like Guerre, Garde, Garantie are related to war,guard, wrranty.

The word Canif is a cutting knife.

The colors like blue, brun, gris, blanc are from Blao, Braon, Grao and Blank/ Whaido in Frankish.

People who say that French is 2% Frankish are mistaken as the Franks changed the Gallo Roman language in a big way, unlike the Goths in Italy or Spain.

French is Truly 20% Frankish,

Spanish is 3% Wisigothic,

Italian is 1.5% Ostrogothic/Lombard.