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Frank Norris - Biography, Bibliography

san francisco war art

Writer, born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. His family moved to California (1884), and he studied art in London and Paris. His interest in art waned and he returned to study at the University of California (1890–4), and Harvard (1895). He worked as a journalist and covered the Boer War for the San Francisco Chronicle (1895–6), and then became a staff member for The Wave (1896), a San Francisco literary magazine. Moving to New York City, he covered the Spanish-American War for McClure's magazine (1898), and worked for Doubleday, Page & Co (from 1899). He was influenced by the naturalistic work of Emile Zola, as seen in his best-known fiction, McTeague: A Story of San Francisco (1899) and The Octopus (1901). He died shortly after an appendix operation.

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