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stanley poland african officer

Doctor and explorer, born in Neisse, Germany (now Nyasa, SW Poland). He studied medicine at Wroc?aw, Poland (formerly Breslau, Prussia), and Berlin, and became a medical officer in the Turkish army in 1865. In 1876 General Gordon appointed him chief medical officer of the Equatorial Province, and governor in 1878. A skilful linguist, he added enormously to the knowledge of African languages, made important surveys and wrote valuable geographical papers, and sent to Europe rich collections of plants and animals. He brought an end to slavery in the region. Isolated by enemies, he was ‘rescued’ by H M Stanley's expedition in 1889, accompanied Stanley to Zanzibar, but immediately returned to extend the German sphere of influence about L Victoria. While on a journey to the West African coast, he was murdered by Arab slave-traders.

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