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elm - Species, varieties and hybrids, Cultivation and uses, Dutch elm disease, Insect use

ulmus seed leaves reproduce

A deciduous N temperate tree; leaves ovoid, doubly toothed, asymmetric at base; flowers tiny, appearing before leaves; seed oval, with broad papery wing. In recent years the North American elm populations have been devastated by a virulent form of Dutch elm disease, so named for the work on resistant strains carried out in The Netherlands. In the mid-1960s it spread to Europe and particularly the UK, killing millions of trees, mainly of species such as English elm (Ulmus procera), which often reproduce by suckers, giving genetically similar populations. Species such as Wytch elm (Ulmus glabra), which reproduce by seed, are thought to have some resistance. (Genus: Ulmus, 45 species. Family: Ulmaceae.)

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