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Elizabeth Dole - Early life and career, 2000 Presidential election, Election to the U.S. Senate

republican red secretary cross

US politician, born in Salisbury, North Carolina, USA. After graduating from Harvard Law School, she entered government service in the Johnson administration, then served in all the Republican presidencies that followed. When she married Senator Robert Dole in 1975, she became a Republican. Following periods with Ronald Reagan as Secretary of Transportation (1983–7), and with George Bush as Secretary of Labor (1989–90), she became president of the American Red Cross in 1990. Her effective campaigning for her husband's presidential bid in 1996 made her a potential candidate in 2000, and early in 1999 she left the Red Cross to campaign for the Republican nomination (withdrawing in October). She was one of the most influential Republican women of the 1990s. She won a Senate seat in the mid-term elections in 2002.

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