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Elizabeth Cady Stanton - Education and intellectual development, Marriage and family

women reformer henry usa

Women's rights leader and feminist pioneer, born in Johnstown, New York, USA. The daughter of a lawyer who made no secret of his preference for another son, she early showed her desire to excel in intellectual and other ‘male’ spheres. She graduated from the Emma Willard's Troy Female Seminary (1832) and then was drawn to the abolitionist, temperance, and women's rights movements through visits to the home of her cousin, the reformer Gerrit Smith. In 1840 she married a reformer Henry Stanton (omitting ‘obey’ from the marriage oath), and they went at once to the World's Anti-Slavery Convention in London, where she joined other women in objecting to their exclusion from the assembly. On returning to the USA, Elizabeth and Henry had seven children while he studied and practised law, and eventually they settled in Seneca Falls, NY.

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