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Eliphalet Remington

father firearms sons factory

Firearms manufacturer, born in Suffield, Connecticut, USA. He stayed on his father's farm even after marriage. In 1816 the family removed to Herkimer Co, NY, where the father built a water-powered forge to make agricultural tools. Eliphalet made rifle barrels, a task at which he became highly skilled. By his father's death (1828), the Remingtons' reputation for excellence was established, and Eliphalet built a factory in upstate New York in what was called Remington's Corners (now Ilion). The business grew, and he purchased the machinery and contracts from Ames Co, in Springfield, MA(1845) and in 1847 introduced the Remington pistol. With his three sons the factory expanded to produce agricultural implements (1856). The Civil War had just brought a great demand for Remington firearms when Eliphalet died. His son, Philo Remington (1816–89), became president and reorganized the business, separating out the gun manufactury (E Remington & Sons) in 1865. Expansions included sewing machines (1870) and typewriters (1873), but in 1887 the company had retrenched, selling off all factories except those making firearms.

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