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shooting - The four rules of firearm handling, Civilian shooting technique

rifle bore air pistol

The use of firearms for pleasure, hunting, sport, or in battle. The first reference to the gun was in 1326, and it soon became the chief weapon of war. It developed as a sport in the 15th-c, the first shooting club being formed in Lucerne, Switzerland, in 1466. Competitive shooting takes many forms and uses different types of weapon. The most popular weapons are the standard pistol, small bore rifle, full bore rifle, air rifle, and air pistol. All events involve shooting at targets, either still or moving, as in clay-pigeon shooting. In the UK, hunting for game is very popular among the aristocracy, particularly grouse shooting, which has a specifically defined season (12 Aug to 10 Dec). Several tournaments are held, such as those organized by the National Rifle Association (founded, 1871) in the USA.

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