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Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah

kashmir india imprisoned conference

Kashmiri statesman, born in Soura, near Srinagar, Kashmir, N India. A Muslim, he spearheaded the struggle for constitutional government against the (Hindu) Maharajah of Kashmir during the years between the two World Wars. He was imprisoned in 1931, and on his release formed the All Jammu and Kashmir Moslem Conference (renamed the National Conference in 1938). He agreed to the accession of the state to India, but was imprisoned (1953–68) when he reaffirmed the right of the people of Kashmir ‘to decide the future of the State’. He was chief minister from 1975 until his death.

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about 10 years ago

As a Catholic theologian, I am very interested in scholarly opinions regarding theologie nouvelle. In particular, can someone explain the exact nature and difference between the "Communio" and "Concilio" camps? For me, a theology always has its corresponding spirituality. Please someone tell me, what is the spirituality of the theologie nouvelle. BJS