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Serge Lama - Discography

singer les

Singer and actor, born in Bordeaux, SW France. His amateur debut was in the troupe of the Lycee Michelet, then at L'Ecluse in 1964, where Barbara welcomed him (he would later write in memory of this ‘L'orgue de Barbara’), and at the ‘Petit Conservatoire de la Chanson’ of Mireille. In 1964 he appeared at Bobino in a programme of Brassens' work. He evoked the war with ‘L'Algerie’ and ‘Le temps ou les chanteurs avaient de la voix’ (his father was an opera singer). He entrusted ‘D'Aventures en Aventures’ to Zizi Jeanmaire. After a serious car accident in 1965 he returned in 1967 with Les Ballons Rouges’ written with Yves Gilbert. In the theatre he became identified with the dramatic role of Napoleon, first performed by him in 1992.

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