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Sellafield - History, Major plants, Sellafield and the local community, Sellafield Visitors' Centre, Controversy


54°38N 3°30W. Nuclear power plant in Cumbria, NW England; on the Irish Sea coast, W of Gosforth; processes nuclear waste; process of decomissioning begun, 2005; nearby Calder Hall gas-cooled, moderated nuclear reactors, operational 1956–2003.

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over 8 years ago

1957 Windscale Fire contaminated milk supply.
39 out or 40 school children in my class age 11yrs.
came down with jaundice, the Iodine 131, thyroid
fallout. What next ? Low platelet count and thrombocytopenia followed by leukemia!
How many of these kids are still alive? The village
milk delivery boy lost his life at age 18yrs. Drank
too many pints of contaminated milk!
Great populist research. Thank you.