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Christian poet, born in The Hague, W Netherlands. She began writing poetry in 1950. In her work she expresses her faith in God and offers her readers consolation. Her volumes of poetry have been reissued many times, and she is among the most widely read poets in The Netherlands.

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almost 10 years ago

"Nel" was my French teacher in Arnhem, during my time at the Parkstraat Christian Mulo. I remember her as a soft spoken, tender lady. From time to time I had the privilege of doing some chores for. At that time she lived with "Bep" her girl-friend in an apartment on the Boulevard Heuveling.

After my military career ended and I emigrated to the United States she alwasys answered my letters and the once a year birthday card. She was my FAVORITE teacher and I did well in French because of her. On my infrequent visits to the Netherlands, I most of the times managed to visit her at her then home on the Kemperbergerweg. She gave me several of her booklets.

Hearing of her departure gave me the assurance that she is with her Lord.

I still miss her as a teacher and friend.

Henk Merison

Hearing of her