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corn border union land

pop (2000e) 1 711 300; area 200 342 km²/77 352 sq mi. State in C USA, divided into 93 counties; the ‘Cornhusker State’; part of the Louisiana Purchase, 1803; Bellevue first permanent settlement; became a territory stretching to the Canadian border in 1854, but its area was reduced in 1863; the 37th state admitted to the Union, 1867; the Union Pacific Railroad completed its transcontinental line, 1869, resulting in a land boom; capital, Lincoln; other chief cities, Omaha and Grand Island; Missouri R forms the E border; Platte R crosses the state to empty into the Missouri; highest point Johnson Township (1654 m/5426 ft); E region undulating fertile farmland, growing corn; further W, on the Great Plains, grass cover helping to stabilize eroded land; in the far W, foothills of the Rocky Mts; agriculture dominates the economy; cattle (second largest producer in the country), corn, hogs, wheat, sorghum; food processing, electrical machinery, chemicals.

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