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National Park - Features preserved, Park mandates, Other sites designated for preservation

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According to the United Nations, an area of educational and scientific importance for habitat and wildlife, of great beauty, and of recreational value, but which has suffered little human impact, so remaining a relative wilderness. It should also be protected from resource development and be relatively unpopulated. Examples include Yosemite National Park, USA, and Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada. According to these criteria, the national parks of England and Wales do not qualify for inclusion in the United Nations list, because they are situated near populated areas where forestry, agriculture, and limited industrial activities are permitted. National parks date back to 19th-c USA, where the first was established around the Yellowstone R, WY, in 1872. The first parks in England and Wales were designated in 1951, and there were 12 in 2006. The New Forest was designated a national park in 2005. The first Scottish park was established in 2002.

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