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national anthem - Types of anthem, Usage

adopted composed save queen

The official song of a nation. Examples include: Canada's O Canada, composed by Calixa Lavallée and adopted in 1980; France's La Marseillaise, composed by Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle and adopted in 1795; Japan's Kimigayo (‘His Majesty's Reign’), composed by Hayashi Hirimori, but not officially adopted; Germany's Deutschlandlied (‘Song of Germany’), composed by Haydn and adopted in 1950; the UK's God Save the Queen/King, of unknown composition, adopted in the 18th-c; the USA's The Star-Spangled Banner, composed by John Stafford Smith and adopted in 1931; and the Russian Federation's State Hymn, composed by Mikhail Glinka and adopted in 1991. Australia's Advance Australia Fair, composed by Peter Dodds McCormick and adopted in 1977, is the national tune; the official anthem is God Save the Queen/King, played when a regal or vice-regal personage is present.

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