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san capital kingdom church

40°50N 14°15E, pop (2000e) 1 205 000. Seaport and capital city of Naples province, Campania, SW Italy; on the Tyrrhenian Sea, 189 km/117 mi SE of Rome; founded c.600 BC by refugees from Greek colony of Cumae; capital of Napoleon's Parthenopean Republic (1799) and of the Sicilian kingdom (1806); joined Kingdom of Italy, 1860; severely damaged in World War 2, and by earthquakes, 1980; archbishopric; airport; railway; car ferries to Sardinia and Sicily; university (1224); commerce, textiles, cars, aerospace, telecommunications, glass, food processing, tourism; several areas economically deprived; Cathedral of San Gennaro (13th–15th-c), Church of San Lorenzo Maggiore (1266–1324), Porta Capuana (15th–16th-c), Church of San Giovanni a Carbonara (14th–15th-c), national museum; folk song festival (Sep).

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