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Maud MacBride - In fiction

irish prize peace nationalist

Irish nationalist and actress, born in Aldershot, Hampshire, SE England, UK. She became an agitator for the cause of Irish independence, one of the founders of Sinn Féin, and edited a nationalist newspaper in Paris. Her acting involved her with W B Yeats, who wished to marry her, and who made her the heroine of his first play, but she married Major John MacBride, who fought against the British in the Boer War and was executed as a rebel in 1916. Their son Sean (1904–88) was foreign minister of the Irish Republic (1948–51) and a strong advocate of human rights. A co-founder of Amnesty International and a UN commissioner, he is the only person to have won the Nobel Peace Prize (1974), the Lenin Peace Prize (1977), and the American Medal of Justice (1978).

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