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Mariupol - City Image, Geography and Climate, Demographics, Economy, Social Services, Famous Mariupolers

47°05N 37°34E, pop (2000e) 512 000. Seaport in Donetskaya oblast, Ukraine; at the mouth of the R Kalmius, on the Sea of Azov; founded, 1779; airfield; railway; noted mud-bath resort; coal trade, iron and steel, chemicals, fertilizers, metallurgical equipment, fishing.

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over 8 years ago

Realy Mariupol is the great city because I, been over thire in 1978 for vocational training at Azovestal

I, was also a member of cultural club ( a ravesnic and participated several conserts in diffirent cities through

club organization.I wish once again visit to mariupol to see my friends and families whome I,was entroduced over thire during my stay.