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Andrzej Wajda - Life and work, Filmography

war poland czlowiek

Film director, born in Suwa?ki, NE Poland. He studied art at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, then enrolled in the ?ód? film school (1950). His first feature film, Pokolenie (1954, A Generation), dealt with the effects of the war on disillusioned Polish youth. He is best known outside Poland for Czlowiek z marmary (1977, Man of Marble), dealing with the Stalinist era, and Czlowiek z zelaza (1981, Man of Iron, Palme d'Or), which uses film made during the rise of the Solidarity trade union. His works range from romantic comedy to epic, including literary adaptations (such as Crime and Punishment, 1984) and World War 2 dramas, such as Korczak (1990) and Holy Week (1996). He has also worked in television and the theatre. He received an Honorary Award at the 2000 Oscar ceremony.

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