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Andrew Marr - Early Life, Media Career, Family, Statement on BBC bias

political editor journalist awards

Journalist, broadcaster, and writer, born in Glasgow, W Scotland, UK. He studied English at Cambridge and joined The Scotsman newspaper as a trainee business reporter in 1981, becoming parliamentary correspondent (1984), political correspondent (1986), and political editor (1986). He left to become political editor at The Economist (1988–92) then joined The Independent as chief political commentator (1992), and was promoted to editor in 1996. In 1998 he became columnist for The Express and The Observer before being appointed BBC political editor (2000–5). Among his awards are Journalist of the Year in the Creative Freedom Awards 2000, and the Journalist Award in the Channel 4 Political Awards of 2001. Broadcasting includes series on contemporary thinkers for BBC 2 and Radio 4, Start the Week for Radio 4 (2002– ), and political documentaries for Channel 4 and BBC Panorama. In 2005 he became host of Sunday AM on BBC 1. His published works include The Battle for Scotland (1992), Ruling Britannia (1996), The Day Britain Died (2000), and My Trade: A Short History of British Journalism (2004).

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