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Andrew Jackson - Early life and career, Military career, Election of 1824, Election of 1828, Presidency 1829-1837

nashville carolina territory

US statesman and seventh president (1829–37), born in Waxhaw, South Carolina, USA. His parents left Carrickfergus in Nothern Ireland in 1765 and settled in the Carolinas. Reared in a frontier settlement and largely self-educated, he was admitted to the bar and in 1788 was named public prosecutor in Nashville, in North Carolina territory. When the territory became the new state of Tennessee, he became its first US representative in the House (1769), its senator (1797–8), and a judge on its supreme court (1798–1804). Meanwhile, he had established his estate, ‘the Hermitage’, near Nashville and married Rachel Robards (twice, for they discovered she had not been formally divorced the first time).

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