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Andreas Gryphius

oder und teutsche include

Poet and playwright, born in Groß-Glogau, Silesia. A leading exponent of the High Baroque, a predominant theme was the ephemeral nature of being (stylistically he favoured Alexandrines and the sonnet). Widely travelled, he worked as astronomer in Leyden, where he studied languages in the late 1630s before going on to teach at the university and returning home. His cosmopolitan impressions enabled him to embrace such diverse dramatic trends as classicism, Dutch and Jesuit theatre, and English wandering players. Notable works include Son- undt Feyrtags-Sonnete (1639), Teutsche Reim-Gedichte (1650), Freuden-und Trauer-Spiele auch Oden und Sonnette (1663), and Teutsche Gedichte (published 1698), and the tragedies Leo Arminius oder Fürstenmord (1650), Catharina von Georgien oder Bewährte Beständigkeit (1651), Ermordete Majestät oder Carolus Stuardus (1657), and Cardenio und Celinde oder Unglückliche Verliebte (1657). Other works include Absurdia Comica oder Herr Peter Squentz (1658), Die gelibte Dornrose (1660–1), and Horribilicribrifax oder wählende Liebhaber (1663). As a member of the linguistic/literary society Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft he used the pseudonym der Unsterbliche.

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