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Andreas Baader

faction schleyer terrorist germany

Anarchist and terrorist, born in Munich, SE Germany. He became associated with the student protest movement of the later 1960s and was imprisoned in 1968. Critical of Germany's post-war materialism and military dominance by the USA, he formed with Ulrike Meinhof the Rote Armee Fraktion (Red Army Faction), a band of underground urban guerrillas. The Faction helped Baader escape from prison in 1970 and carried out a series of terrorist outrages, including bomb attacks, robberies, and kidnappings. He was captured and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1977. An attempt was made by the Faction to secure his release by kidnapping a German businessman, Hans-Martin Schleyer, and holding a Lufthansa airliner hostage at Mogadishu, Somalia, and when this was thwarted he committed suicide. Schleyer was murdered.

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