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Andreas (Georgios) Papandreou - Early life and career, Political career, Legacy

greece prime economic minister

Greek politician and prime minister (1981–9), born in Chios, Greece, the son of Georgios Papandreou. He studied at Athens University and Harvard, became a US citizen in 1944, made a brilliant academic career, then returned to Greece as director of the Centre for Economic Research in Athens (1961–4) and economic adviser to the Bank of Greece, resuming his Greek citizenship. Imprisoned and exiled after the military coup in 1967, he returned in 1974, and founded the Pan-Hellenic Liberation (later Socialist) Movement. He was Leader of the Opposition from 1977, and in 1981 became Greece's first Socialist prime minister. He was re-elected in 1985, and resigned after the 1989 general election.

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