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Anastasio Bustamante

santa anna exile president

Mexican president (1830–2, 1837–41) and general, born in Jiquilpan, Michoacan, Mexico. While serving as vice-president under Guerrero (1829), he plotted a successful revolution with the aid of Santa Anna, and had Guerrero captured and shot. Bustamante installed himself as president (1830) and military dictator, but Santa Anna gained popularity and seized control (1832), forcing Bustamante into exile in France. When Santa Anna failed to crush the Texas revolt (1836), Bustamante returned from exile and regained power (1837). His troubled presidency met with frequent revolutions and the blockade of Veracruz (1838), and Santa Anna seized control again, forcing Bustamante into exile once more. He returned to serve in the Mexican War.

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