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adrastus zeus eriphyle

In Greek mythology, the son of Oecles and Hypermestra, and father of Alcmaeon and Amphilocus. A seer and warrior, he drove Adrastus, his cousin, out of Argos. Later, Adrastus resentfully gave his sister, Eriphyle, in marriage to Amphiaraus, stipulating that if the two cousins quarelled again, she would give judgement. Adrastus called on a reluctant Amphiaraus to march against Thebes in order to restore Polynices to the throne. Eriphyle pronounced in favour of the war and before leaving, Amphiaraus made his young sons swear to avenge him. As the campaign was ending, Zeus caused the earth to be opened and Amphiaraus was swallowed up. Zeus granted him immortality and he continued to utter oracles at Oropus in Attica.

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